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Conduct periodic technology demonstrations and relevant special projects to identify industry’s investments in advanced component technologies for potential improvement of joint ground systems.

Be a productive contributor in meeting joint ground system requirements, improving joint ground system safety, and encouraging technological innovation through an effective government interface with the commercial sector.

Horizontal Technology Integration's focus is on identifying relatively mature technologies (technology readiness level 6 or greater) at the component or subsystem level for potential insertion into and improvement of joint ground systems. These ground systems are those in the portfolios of the Program Executive Office (PEO) Combat Support and Combat Service Support (CS&CSS), PEO Ground Combat Systems, and the USMC's PEO Land Systems and Project Manager (PM) Light Armored Vehicles.

The primary method used to identify potentially useful technologies is through the PEO CS&CSS government sponsored, HTI executed joint ground systems Enterprise Market Investigation Process (EMIP). This process involves identifying technology areas of interest to the commercial marketplace, reviewing technology ideas submitted, physical demonstration by the vendor of selected technologies, demonstration assessment by a government team of subject matter experts, and referral of promising technologies to relevant PEOs and other government organizations. 

Joint Ground Systems Enterprise Market Investigation Process (EMIP)

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