Product Director Test, Measurement, and Diagnostic Equipment


Develop, field and sustain technologically superior Army Test, Measurement, and Diagnostic Equipment (TMDE) and Calibrations Standards to enable weapon systems readiness for full spectrum operations.


World-class DOD TMDE Acquisition team focused on increasing diagnostic and prognostic capabilities.

PD TMDE Values:

  • Warfighter First!
  • Professionalism Everyday
  • Acquisition agility, flexibility and Proficiency
  • “Out of the Box” Thinking
  • Respectful of the ideas, feelings and opinions of others


Victoriam per sustentationem (victory through maintenance)

At-Platform Automatic Test Systems


Rugged, compact, lightweight, man-portable general-purpose automatic tester used to verify the operational status of weapon systems and isolate faults; also used as a software uploader/ verifier to restore or provide new software to weapons systems. Supports testing requirements of current to future force weapon systems.

Calibration Sets


the Services with the ability to test, adjust, synchronize, repair and verify accuracy using highly precise measurements. Ensures the accuracy, readiness and safety of weapon systems through a world-wide system of mobile and fixed calibration laboratories.

Test Equipment Modernization


To improve readiness of Service weapon systems; minimize General Purpose Electronic Test Equipment (GPETE) obsolescence and proliferation while reducing operations and support costs. TEMOD program procures GPETE that are commercial items, essential to the support of weapon systems required by current/future forces. GPETE significantly impacts readiness, power projection and safety.

Off-Platform Automatic Test Systems


Highly mobile, rapidly deployable, general-purpose, reconfigurable automatic test systems which provide off-system testing capability of Electronic and Electro-Optical Line Replaceable Units (LRUs). Supports testing and screening of weapon systems to maintain their readiness to shoot, move, and communicate.