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To provide the right Sets, Kits,Outfits and tools that are high quality, durable, reliable, modernized, and deployable to the soldiers at the right time, in the right place, at the right price.

To provide the Army and Joint Services oversight of the life cycle for all sets, kits, outfits and tools (SKOTs). Providing high quality service, modernize and modularize current SKOTs, and optimize the logistics footprint for future systems.

PdM SKOT manages over 50 of the Army's Combat Engineer and Ordnance Sets, Kits, Outfits and Tools, providing Industrial quality tools with life time warranties, foam cut outs for rapid inventory, and increased ease of accountability and transportability to the Warfighter. PdM SKOT's broad portfolio includes SKOTs for tracked and wheeled vehicle emergency repair and maintenance, armament systems repair, hydraulic systems repair, metal working and machining, cutting and welding, engineering and construction, urban operations, Army diving mission, inflatable boats and motors, and fire suppression and protection equipment.

Ordnance Systems

SKOT SATS Provides state of the art, deployable, vehicle-mounted and containerized shelter tool systems to support the Joint Warfighter. Equipped with industrial quality tools required for Two Level Maintenance. Reduces common tool redundancy, provides tool standardization, minimizes transport requirements, and backed by PM SKOT Warranty / Replacement Program.

Engineer Systems

PM SKOT HEPPOE Provides portable tool kits to support the joint Warfighter. Equipped with industrial quality tools for maintainers and combat engineers. Backed with the PM SKOT Warranty / Replacement Program.

Fire Fighting & Diving Systems

FF and Diving Provides system acquisition and life cycle support for Rapid Equipping Force (REF)/ Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) and maintenance/sustainment systems. Protects soldiers engaged in critical missions while supporting highly technical vehicle repair operations and parts fabrication in the field

Transformation & Product Support

Tool Store

TS Interior

Provides continuous improvement of PdM SKOT systems/products to maximize support to the joint Warfighter. Current efforts include leading the Army Special Tools Initiative, developing support mechanisms to implement Army First Source policy, leading the PdM SKOT Quality Assurance program, and coordinating the PdM SKOT Website and Warranty and Replacement Program

PdM SKOT Website: http://pmskot.army.mil
PdM SKOT Tool Warranty Replacement Program: http://pmskot.army.mil/SKO_Warranty.html
PdM SKOT HOTLINE Number: 1-877-476-7568
PdM SKOT Email: USARMY.detroit.peo-cs-css.mail.pm-skot@mail.mil