Route Clearance


Detect, mark, identify, interrogate, classify, and neutralize suspected explosive hazards, including improvised explosive devices.


We are a cohesive, people-oriented, rapid-response, jointly coordinated program, focused on new technologies, organized and coordinated to efficiently provide effective capabilities to Warfighters and customers.


Product Manager Assured Mobility Systems (PdM AMS) is responsible for managing the entire life cycle of development, acquisition and sustainment of route-clearance equipment for the Army. This mission involves equipping the forward-deployed route-clearance teams and explosive ordnance disposal teams operating in both Iraq and Afghanistan with the capability to detect, identify, interrogate and neutralize mines and other explosive ordinance. PdM AMS vehicles are combined at the discretion of the field commander to create the “route-clearance package” to support route-clearance teams.

Buffalo - Mine Protected Clearance Vehicle (MPCV)

Provides a mine-protected, armored personnel carrier with a one-piece body designed to provide survivability for a crew of six. The front, side and rear armor provide small-arms protection, while its V-shaped hull deflects blasts from mines/IEDs. The Buffalo MPCV has an articulated hydraulic arm mounted on the front bumper and can be used to investigate suspected mine/IED locations. The Buffalo MPCV is used by engineer units during area and route-clearance missions.

Buffalo / MPCV

Husky - Vehicle Mounted Mine Detection (VMMD) System

Consists of two Husky vehicles operating in tandem to detect buried explosives. Each Husky has a detection array mounted under the vehicle that is deployed during route-clearance operations. If a suspected explosive is detected, the system marks the spot on the ground for follow-up interrogation by either the Husky, Buffalo or RG-31 fitted with an interrogation arm.

Husky / VMMD


Provides vehicles that are designed to safely transport personnel or equipment in areas where mines and IEDs may be deployed due to the capabilities of the armored crew capsule. In addition, the hull of the vehicle is designed utilizing a V-shape, which serves to provide mine blast protection. The RG-31 is the interim solution for the Panther.


Panther – Medium Mine Protected Vehicle (MMPV)

Provides a vehicle designed to provide enhanced crew protection and system survivability with add-on armor protection, an automatic fire extinguishing system, and a chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear or high-yield explosive overpressure system. There are three variants of the Panther: the XM1226 Engineer (for combat engineers), the XM1227 EOD (for explosive ordinance specialists) and the XM1229 Prophet (for intelligence, surveillance, electronic warfare and target acquisition operations).

Panther / MMPV