Product Manager Sets, Kits, Outfits and Tools


To provide the right Sets, Kits, Outfits and Tools (SKOT) that are high quality, durable, reliable, modernized, and deployable to the soldiers at the right time, in the right place, at the right price.


To provide the Army and Joint Services oversight of the life cycle for all SKOTs. Providing high quality service, modernize and modularize current SKOTs, and optimize the logistics footprint for future systems.


PdM SKOT manages over 50 of the Army's Combat Engineer and Ordnance Sets, Kits, Outfits and Tools. PdM SKOT provides Industrial quality tools with lifetime warranties, foam cut outs for rapid inventory, and increased ease of accountability and transportability to the Warfighter. PdM SKOT's broad portfolio includes SKOTs for tracked and wheeled vehicle emergency repair and maintenance, armament systems repair, hydraulic systems repair, metal working and machining, cutting and welding, combat engineer and construction, urban operations, Army dive missions, inflatable boats and motors, fire suppression, and fire protection equipment. PdM SKOT strives to equip the Warfighter forward in the battle field increasing the ability to support and repair battle damaged equipment in the field, to rapidly return equipment to the force.

Ordnance Systems


Provides state of the art, deployable, vehicle-mounted, containerized shelter, and Soldier portable tool systems to support the Joint Warfighter. Equipped with industrial quality tools required for Two Level Maintenance. Provides the newest technology to reduce common tool redundancy, provide tool standardization, and minimize transport requirements. Ordnance systems are designed to provide forward maintenance systems to sustain the Warfighter in the forward battle area increasing a commander’s ability to support and repair battle damaged equipment in the field, significantly reducing the need for retrograding equipment. Ordnance systems also include the capability to provide real-time, on-demand fabrication and repairs to equipment components with cutting, welding, and machining.

Engineer Systems


Provides equipment required to meet mission requirements and ensure Soldier safety, utilizing modernized industry standard equipment, reducing redundancies, with improved mobility to safely perform and logistically support Warfighter missions. Engineering Systems include equipment to support missions for: construction clearing and operations, to restrain detainees, document and collect evidence at a crime scene, tactical and strategic missions providing means for security, stability, transition and reconstruction. Engineer systems support critical infrastructure repair and rescue during natural disasters and civil emergencies.

Diving Boats & Motors


Provides equipment to perform a variety of maritime operations such as airborne and air mobile infiltration, over-the-horizon insertion, surface swimming operations, hydrographic survey, river reconnaissance, water-gap crossing, and bridging operations. Diving equipment provides the tools and equipment required to support all Engineer Dive operations, Support SCUBA Teams conducting underwater reconnaissance, demolition, repair, light salvage and recovery missions to a maximum depth of 130 feet, as well as provide pure breathing air support.

  • pdmskot Last Published: December 21, 2022