Robotic Enhancement Program (REP)

The REP mission is to inform emerging Army requirements by identifying and evaluating Non-Developmental Items (NDI), Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS), and Government-Off-The-Shelf (GOTS) robotic systems, accessories, payloads, or software that have the potential to enhance the overall combat effectiveness of the force.

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Robotic Enhancement Program (REP) is an established program with a “buy/lease-try-inform” methodology designed to inform emerging Army requirements. REP utilizes a modified acquisition process for the experimentation and evaluation of robotic solutions incorporating the Near-term (2016-2020) and Mid-term (2021-2030) strategies of the Army Robotic and Autonomous Systems (RAS) strategy. Alignment between REP and RAS fosters unity of effort, and identifies opportunities to accelerate RAS capabilities in a resource constrained environment.

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RAS Capability Objectives:

Over the next 25 years the RAS will guide the Army to:

  1. Increase situational awareness
  2. Lighten the Warfighters’ physical and cognitive workloads
  3. Sustain the force with improved distribution, throughput, and efficiency
  4. Facilitate movement and maneuver
  5. Protect the force

End State: Increased combat effectiveness of the future force and maintain overmatch against enemies.


An individual, organization, or contractor may propose a relevant robotic technology for evaluation under REP, PEO Combat Support & Combat Service Support (PEO CS&CSS). The various Army Centers of Excellence (CoE) will review submissions and prioritize for consideration by the REP Stakeholder Working Group (SWG). The intent is to have proposals selected/funded bi-annually (February and August) by a Council of Colonels, at which point the technologies will be purchased/leased in small quantities in conjunction with Functional Service Representatives (FSR) to enable experimentation and evaluation.

REP Rules and Constraints

All submissions must be COTs, GOTs or NDI and must propose robotic hardware accessories, payloads or software. REP experiments are conducted in collaboration with Army Battle Labs. REP shall not be used to “reinvent” technology or for “developmental” efforts. Systems/items must be ready for experimentation at the time of proposal submission.

Proposal Submission Windows Close
May 1st & November 1st Annually