Product Director Small Expeditionary Power Sources


Provide scalable and affordable expeditionary energy less than 5 Kilowatt (<5kW) that reduces energy consumption while increasing reliability to meet Warfighter requirements.


Provide the development and life-cycle management of standardized expeditionary energy by leveraging power and storage solutions less than 5 Kilowatt (<5kW) that enhance Warfighter capability.


Integrity, Quality, Innovation and Commitment.


Product Director Small Expeditionary Power Sources (PD SEPS) provides Warfighters with expeditionary energy solutions that are less than 5 Kilowatt (<5kW).

2kW Military Tactical Generator (MTG):

The 2kW MTG sets, models MEP-501A and MEP-531A, are self-contained, skid mounted, portable units.  They are equipped with the controls, instruments, and accessories necessary for operation as single units.  The generator sets consist of a diesel engine, direct drive AC alternator, speed governing system, fuel system, 24V DC auxiliary cold weather starting system, and generator control system.  The generator sets are portable and require a four-person lift. The generator sets can also be stacked three high while in storage.


  • 120V AC 60 HZ
  • 28V DC

Primary Uses:

  • Modern Burner Unit, Mobile Kitchen Trailer
  • RQ-7A Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (TUAV)
  • Enhanced Position Location Reporting system (EPLRS)
  • Assault Hose System (AHS)
  • Woodworking Set
  • High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS)
  • Prophet SIGINT System
  • Tactical Messaging System
  • Maintenance tent lights and battery charging system
  • Power lights, laptops and miscellaneous support equipment

2kW Military Tactical Generator (MTG)

3kW Tactical Quiet Generator (TQG):

The 3kW TQG sets, models MEP-831A and MEP-832A are self-contained, skid mounted, portable units.  It is equipped with controls, instruments and accessories necessary for operation.  The generator sets consists of a diesel engine, permanent magnet AC generator, control box assembly, output/load panel, primary and auxiliary fuel systems, enclosure cooling and ventilation system, engine exhaust assembly, and a 24V DC battery.  The generator sets are designed to be used with any equipment requiring a small source of AC power and operates in a “Hot and Basic” climatic condition range of -25°F to +120°F.  The generator sets are portable and requires a six-person lift.


  • 120V & 120V/240V AC 60 HZ
  • 120V & 120V/240V AC 400 HZ

Primary Uses:

  • Weapons Systems
  • Missile Systems
  • C4I Systems
  • Maintenance Support
  • Supports Common Platforms
3kW Tactical Quiet Generator

1kW Platoon Power Generation (PPG)

The PPG is a commercial of the shelf (COTS) derived, man-portable, JP-8 burning generator that provides 900-1kW of power.  The system will provide power to small units (platoon and below) to enable battery recharging and uninterrupted communications in austere environments.  The PPG will reduce dependency on disposable batteries and reduce the need for operational energy re-supply for long duration (48-72 hour) missions.

1kW Platoon Power Generation