Product Manager Allied Tactical Vehicles


To provide life cycle management of Mobile Strike Force Vehicles, Light Tactical Vehicles, Medium Tactical Vehicles, Sports Utility Vehicles and Buses for the Afghan National Security Forces.


A self-sustaining Afghan National Security Force that enables the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to remain as an independent country.


The Product Manager Allied Tactical Vehicles provides the Afghan National Security Forces the capability and capacity to be self-sustaining and independently conduct security operation missions.

Since 2004, CSTC-A has been equipping the ANSF with many different types of non-standard vehicles that are not maintained in the Department of Defense (DoD) inventory. On 18 April 2011, Product Manager Allied Tactical Vehicles (PdM ATV) was established to assist in the development of expertise and knowledge required to provide lifecycle management for the ANSF fleet of ATVs.

The Mobile Strike Force Vehicle (MSFV), also known as the Medium Armored Security Vehicle (MASV), is currently in production for use by the Afghan National Army (ANA).  The three variants of the MSFV/MASV, are based off of the US Army's M1117 Armored Security Vehicle (ASV) platform. While there is a 70% commonality of parts between the MFSV/MASV and the M1117 ASV, the MFSV/MASV is a significantly different vehicle that is built on a ANA mission appropriate long wheel base with a higher ground clearance than found in M1117 ASVs. Enhanced survivability, which is standard on all of the MASV variants, represents a new range of mission capabilities.

PdM ATV provides the ANSF cradle to grave Life-Cycle Management of commercial Light and Medium Tactical Vehicle fleets with over 50,000 vehicles in country. The light tactical vehicle fleet currently consists of modified Ford Rangers. The medium tactical vehicle fleet currently consists of the Navistar 7000 series, Sport Utility Vehicles (mostly Ford Everest), and Buses. These vehicle fleets provide the ANSF their critical maneuver capabilities.