Product Manager Combat Engineer and Material Handling Systems


PdM Combat Engineer and Material Handling Systems' (PdM CE/MHE) proactively supports the Warfighter by continuously developing, acquiring, sustaining and improving the combat-enabling capabilities they need to fight and win our nation's wars, keep them safe, and defend the homeland.


Committed to establishing and sustaining an efficient and professional organization positioned to provide streamlined and innovative support of all our products over their entire lifecycles


The engineering, production, fielding, logistical support and modernization of the US Army’s Construction Engineer/Material Handling Equipment Fleet worldwide.

The PdM Combat Engineer and Material Handling Systems' (PdM CE/MHE) mission is to lead the acquisition of Combat Engineer and Material Handling Systems to provide Soldiers with equipment that fulfills their wartime and peacetime operational requirements while leveraging commercial technology. CE/MHE has 57 programs in various stages of the life cycle; the portfolio has a value of $6.5B. Of the 57 programs, six align with the Quartermaster School, and 51 align with the Engineer School. PdM CE/MHE leads in execution of Sales & Exchange and Service Life Extension Programs, and facilitates an active working group with the other Services to build alliances and coordinate possible joint efforts.


Examples of products include the new Type II Heavy Crane, the new Self Propelled Concrete Saw, the Light Capability Rough Terrain Forklift, the High-Mobility Engineer Excavator, Engineer Mission Module-Water Distributor, Paving Machine, Backhoe Loaders, Hydraulic Excavators, Light and Medium Dozers, Light and Heavy Loaders, Grader, Portable Concrete Mixer, Engineer Rapid Airfield and Construction Capability, Water Well Drilling System, Rough Terrain Container Handler, and Skid Steer Loaders. These programs support the current engineer forces within Stryker, Heavy and Infantry Brigade Combat Teams, Engineer Support Companies, Vertical and Horizontal Companies, Asphalt and Concrete Teams, and Multi-Role Bridge Companies. PdM CE/MHE also supports the Transportation, Quartermaster, Medical, Aviation, and Military Police Corps.

  • pdmce_mhe Last Published: June 24, 2022