Product Manager Multi-Mission Protected Vehicle Systems


We deliver Multi-Mission Protected Vehicles (MPVS), maintain the operational relevancy of the MPVS vehicle fleet, and sustain maximum readiness for the U.S. and Coalition Forces.

MPVS Convoy


We are a cohesive, people-oriented, rapid-response, jointly coordinated program, focused on new technologies, organized and coordinated to efficiently provide effective capabilities to Warfighters and customers.


PM MPVS vehicles are armored vehicles with a blast-resistant, V-bottomed underbody designed to protect the crew from mine blasts, fragmentary and direct-fire weapons. MPVS features four vehicle categories: Category I for urban combat missions; Category II for convoy escort, troop transport, explosive ordnance disposal and ambulance missions; Category III for clearing mines and other explosive devices; and the MPVS All-Terrain Vehicle (M-ATV), a smaller, lighter-weight platform.  A wrecker, or, MPVS Recovery Vehicle (MRV) was added to the fleet in late 2010.  In May 2007 the MPVS Vehicle Program was deemed the Department of Defense’s highest priority defense acquisition program.

MPVS Blast Tests
Originally envisioned as only a few thousand vehicles, the fleet immediately demonstrated significantly higher survivability than other vehicles fielded and has since grown to over 27,000 vehicles.  MPVS vehicles can be found in a multitude of missions and are the wheeled vehicle of choice for the most dangerous combat encounters in current operations.  Follow-on acquisition based on MPVS success now supports all five services and Special Operations Command (SOCOM).
Several other features make the MPVS well-suited for its mission. As mentioned, they provide significant protection from small arms from all angles and are especially adept at mitigating blast effects—much more so than lighter vehicles. Most also have the ability to carry extra protection for other types of specialized threats if the mission dictates. All variants come complete with a communications suite, a gunner’s turret and a chassis capable of much higher mobility than other vehicles of similar weight. Overall, the MPVS family of vehicles provides incredible flexibility and capability to the Warfighter.


Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles


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