Robotic and Autonomous Systems


Develop, integrate, field and sustain both large unmanned ground platforms and appliqué systems that enable automated capability in existing and future platforms.  Increase Warfighter protection and standoff capability, and lighten Warfighter burden with innovative technology in a cost-effective, requirements-based environment.


PM RAS provides operationally relevant, reliable, and affordable automated technology for stand-alone and applique' systems that reduce burden on Soldiers and increase combat power. PM RAS develops, integrates, fields, and sustains robotic and autonomous systems increasing warfighter protection, reducing required manning, and improving personal and unit mobility by leveraging state-of-the-art technology, innovative acquisition procedures, and soldier-in-the-loop feedback to optimize system performance.


Route Clearance Interrogation System (RCIS)

RCIS consists of two capabilities: unmanned, semi-autonomously controlled, highly mobile platforms to support Route Clearance Platoons and the Brigade Combat Teams.


  • Optionally manned or unmanned.
  • High Mobility Engineering Excavator (HMEE) capable of enabling Soldiers to semi-autonomously interrogate, excavate, and classify deep buried explosive hazards, improvised explosive devices, and caches.

RCIS Type 1


  • Leverage technology and architecture from the RCIS Type I program
  • Medium Mine Protected Vehicle/RG31 with mine roller controlled from a separate Route Clearance Vehicle


M160 Robotic Mine Flail

  • Tele-operated robotic system designed to protect Soldiers as they clear a minefield from a stand-off distance.
  • Rotating chain and hammer flail detonates or destroys anti-personnel mines in a path.

M160 Robotic Mine Flail

M160 Robotic Mine Flail

Leader Follower (Emerging Program)

Appliqué system linking unmanned follower Palletized Load Systems to a Soldier-operated leader PLS vehicle for increased throughput and Soldier protection both on-and off-road.

Leader Follower

Squad-Maneuver Equipment Transport (S-MET) (Emerging Program)

  • The S-MET will lighten the Warfighter’s load and sustain the force during operations.
  • The S-MET will maneuver with the dismounted force and enable Warfighters to conduct operations carrying equipment required to conduct dismounted operations.
  • pdmras Last Published: June 27, 2022