Joint Light Tactical Vehicle


The Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV) program is an Army-led, joint modernization program designed to replace a portion of Army and Marine Corps light tactical wheeled vehicle fleets while closing an existing gap in payload, performance, and protection.


The JLTV family of vehicles consists of vehicles capable of performing multiple mission roles and designed to provide protected, sustained, networked mobility for personnel and payloads across the full range of military operations in two variants and four mission package configurations:
general purpose, heavy-guns carrier, close-combat-weapons carrier, and a utility vehicle.


4 Seat

General Purpose
Close Combat Weapon Carrier
Heavy Gun Carrier

2 Seat


This chart is broken down starting with a bubble that reads JLTV on the first line. The second line reads Variant, with two chart bubbles, labeled “2 seat” and “4 seat” these two bubbles are connected to the first bubble JLTV. 
The third line reads “Base Vehicle Platform” with three new chart bubbles. The first one reads UTL  and is connected to the 2 seater bubble on the second line.  The second bubble, labeled GP and third bubble, labeled CCWC on the third line both connected to the 4 seat bubble on the second line
The fourth line of the chart reads “Mission Package Configuration” and has four chart bubbles on it. The first bubble reads UTL and connects to the UTl bubble on the third line. The second bubble, labeled GP  and third bubble, labeled HGC connect back to the GP bubble on the third line. The fourth and last bubble on the chart is labeled CCWC and connects back to the CCWC on the third line.

The Army Operating Concept highlights the future operational environment as unknown, unknowable, and constantly changing. As Soldiers and Marines find themselves operating in increasingly diverse environments, they need lean, capable, and expeditionary systems. With enhanced protection and improved maneuverability, transportability, maintainability, and connectivity to 21st century battlefield networks, JLTVs will expand the options available to commanders.

The image shows an example of a tactical map to achieve objective A.
The text on the image reads: The Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV) will enhance light tactile mobility for combat arms, combat support, combat service support forces by providing protection, sustainment, networking, transportability and mobility.

Joint Light Tactical Vehicles in the field:

jltv-01of06-db jltv-02of06-lcdn

jltv-03of06-lcdn jltv-04of06-sts

jltv-05of06-sts jltv-06of06-tank

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